Azienda Agricola Pitton

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Azienda Agricola Pitton
Farmer/Seed Saver/Plant Breeder Andrea Pitton of Azienda Agricola Pitton was a conventional farmer growing commodity wheat, soy and corn until about six years ago when he converted to organic vegetables. He has 18 hectares in the comune of Rivignano in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy, grows vegetables on 2.5 ha and sells through a subscription program (like a CSA).

Andrea grows Verona, Castlefranco and Tardivo types of radicchio. He prefers saving his own seed to buying commercial seed which is less flavorful and not as well adapted to his specific farm. He makes his own radicchio selections when he finds unique individuals in his field, creating new landraces adapted to his farm with qualities he appreciates. His Verona selection is called “Radicchio della Stella”, named for the nearby river. He has been selecting for 5 generations in 10 years of growing. Andrea also crosses different radicchio types including Stella x White Chioggia, which he is holding with Oregon farmer Dan Sullivan for Black Locust Farm.

In addition to radicchio he grows two beautiful and delicious heirloom Brassicas - Broccolo Fiolaro and Broccolo Padovano. The cultivation of these vegetables date back several centuries and the latter cannot be found as seed commercially.
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