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  • Farms: Vegetable
    38 galleries
    Shawn Linehan photographs family farms of all kinds from organic vegetable farmers to biodynamic farms to regenerative agriculture. Most farms are small-scale and have a lot of biodiversity, a key to fighting climate change. This gallery represents many of the vegetable specific farms she has photographed.
  • Farms International
    2 galleries
    Shawn Linehan has photographed a variety of farms in Italy and Japan, including radicchio farmers in Italy and seaweed, rice, and dairy farms in Japan. The gallery includes many of the farms she captured during her international visits.
  • Farms: Bio-Diverse
    6 galleries
  • Culinary Breeding Network
    6 galleries
    The Culinary Breeding Network's mission is to build communities of organic plant breeders, seed growers, farmers, produce buyers, chefs and other stakeholders to improve quality in vegetables, fruits and grains. Shawn has worked with CBN for many years and this gallery includes many of the events and projects they have worked on together.
  • Farms: Plant Breeders and Seed Growers
    20 galleries
    Organic Plant Breeders and Seed Growers celebrate biodiversity and are the keepers of genetic plant materials that will help us to survive as our climate becomes less hospitable. This gallery includes many of the photos from Shawn's visits to plant breeders and seed growers around the world.
  • Farms & Education
    6 galleries
    Photographs of a variety of education projects like Michelle Obama's White House Kitchen Garden, Zenger Farm Camp, and an Ecotrust Farm to School program.
  • Farms: Fruit & Nuts
    19 galleries
    Photographs of farms that grown fruit or nuts from around the world, from a banana breeder in Hawaii to a hazelnut farm in Oregon to figs in California.
  • Farms: Grains
    12 galleries
    Photographs of farmers and plant breeders who work on grains such as wheat, barley, and rice.
  • Farms Livestock & Seafood
    6 galleries
    Photographs of animals on farms from dairy cows in Tillamook County to cattle in Idaho to seafood on the Oregon coast. Also photographs of chicken processing and pig butchery.
  • Farmers Markets & Tours
    15 galleries
    Photographs of a range of farmers markets from NYC to Portland, Oregon with some unusual market events thrown in like the BIPOC Collaborative Market and CSA Share Fair.
  • Wine, Cider, Beer
    10 galleries
    Photographs of wineries and vineyards, cideries and orchards, breweries and hop farms. Mostly photographed in Oregon and Washington.
  • Herbs and Flowers
    13 galleries
    Photographs of herbs, flowers, tea, cannabis and related shoots like the Herbal Apothecary book by author JJ Pursell.
  • Culinary
    6 galleries
    Photographs of a variety of shoots centered around fresh vegetables and how it related to eating, from the opening of Green Zebra to Umi Organic Ramen, to vegetable photographed in the photo studio to farm-to-table dinners.
  • Tourism
    11 galleries
    Photographs of tourist destinations that do not include farming, galleries include places in Hawaii, Japan, Seattle, Montana and of course Oregon.